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Life is Not Always What *You* Make It (re: Law of Attraction)

No doubt, you’ve heard the meme, “life is what you make it“. If you are suffering, then you may be offended by this belief. Those who support this idea use the new-age concept of the law of attraction to try to make you feel responsible for the circumstances you find yourself in.

If you are a rape victim, suffering with cancer, a victim of abuse, an incest survivor, or a nonconsensual human experimentee, for example, you may find yourself running across people in certain groups who want to make you feel like you deserve your suffering, or that you somehow attracted it to you, or that you consented to it. I am hear to tell you that this is not true. I have done enough research (on mind control, patents, etc.), seen enough documents & photos, seen enough people behaving in ways confirming the idea that mind control exists, to know that life is not always what you make it. In fact, your life may have been planned before you were even born into this world.

lawofattractionThere are a whole lot of new-agers out there who would like to convince you that if you just think positive, things will get better. They will tell you, through their many memes, that you attracted your suffering into your life. They use this idea of the law of attraction to substantiate this claim. Don’t buy it. If there is truth to the concept of law of attraction, it goes way deeper than you just being the cause of your suffering by being negative. If you are negative, there may be a deeper cause for it that you could not have attracted to you because it most likely happened before you were born or shortly thereafter. If you are a new age, law of attraction supporter, you will probably dismiss this outright and stop reading, but I am of the hope that you will continue and achieve some compassion for those who were made to be negative against their will/consent, and recognize that there are many things that impact a person’s mind before they even reach the age of 5, including trauma, negative programming from parents, programming from movies, and a host of other subversive methods of forcing people into certain mindsets and patterns of behavior.

If you are suffering, and have been seeing those meme posts on the internet stating something like, “Some people create their own storms and then get upset when it rains”, please understand that those who push the idea of law of attraction either have maybe recently found it & believe it will change their lives, or they profit from pushing the idea . I was once in the first category. I tried the methods and they did not work for me.

What I am seeing too much of these days is people using this idea of law of attraction to blame victims of various atrocities.

If you recognize that mind control exists, which I have proven in other articles at this blog, then you must also realize that, if the law of attraction is real, it can be manipulated by those with power to sabotage whole groups of people.

Those who would dismiss this article outright will probably not consider the fact that mind control actually exists in this world, and that it is ubiquitous. Those exceptions who do seem to recognize that mind control really exists somehow do not make the connection that mind control, by definition, removes freewill (or at least a large chunk of it) & would impact the way the law of attraction works. They will not acknowledge that mind control occurs on more levels than is popularly written about (such as language & archetypes). They won’t even consider the possibility that trauma in infancy, which gets repeated as you get older, may have different effects on different people based on their background. They will insist that life is what you make it.

I have proof that this is not true:

First of all, there are many adoption scandals being exposed on the net. While most of the cases reported are about babies being sold to other parents, the most rightsideimplantmarginalized victims of baby stealing are the ones who got sold into human experimentation programs. I say this because it seems that no one out there wants to admit this is going on. I have the proof. I have implants in each of my ears. I believe it was done, when I was a newborn, during the adoption process, before I ever got out of the hospital. Would this sort of mind control have a serious impact on my thought processes? I think so. Did I attract this into my life before I was even born? I seriously doubt it. If someone believes this is my karma, please see below; the paragraph that begins with the word “Fifth”.

Second, there are traumas that many people go through that can change the way a person’s mind works, even if you are not a nonconsensual human experimentee. A ritual drowning at 3y/o, being circumcised, or being separated from your natural mother at birth are all perceived as life-threatening traumas by an infant or a very young child. Trauma seriously impacts the functions of the brain by elevating cortisol, which impairs the functioning of memory.

Third, negative programming or verbal abuse from parents & other family members can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, which means that you personally didn’t attract the negative situation to you. Rather, your programmers caused you to attract it to you, if you believe law of attraction exists.

Fourth, if there is a law of attraction, it seems to be influenced by the collective consciousness before we are ever born & it can relate to symbolic things like the tarot or astrology, causing a person to behave similarly to their archetype(s), whether they are familiar with them or not. It can also relate to archetypal memes, like the “justice is blind” phrase, which may not mean what people think it means (see link “how-do-they-get-away-with-it” at the bottom of this page). This is why I think it is working with, or is influenced by, the collective consciousness. This is a process known as Archetypal Transference, & I have witnessed it in myself & others, based on their birthdates with relation to the tarot & astrology, whether they believe in these “disciplines” or not.

IraqiOrphanFifth, things like this image should make people question how the little girl in this photo attracted her circumstances to her, or at the very least, if law of attraction works in the way they were made to believe it does. Many law of attraction supporters will then respond with the karma argument. If this is about karma, then the law of attraction is not as cut and dry as the proponent would have people believe.

With regards to karma, I leave you with an excerpt from a transcript of one of Alan Watt’s blurbs (found here ––Darwins_Repackaged_Religion_and_The_New_Age_Mar062008.html):

“Alan:  See, it all ties together. Everything ties together.

“Moreover it really makes no difference what labels are attached because in the final analysis “God” is everyone’s “Higher Self.” It would be inconsistent with New Age philosophy to criticize Satanism even if it included molestation of children, suicide, murder and human sacrifices. There was no need for them to deny anything. On what basis can any behavior no matter how horrifying be “discriminated” against? The murderer is only fulfilling karma as Edgar Mitchell, Shirley MacLaine et al tell us, they are “never any victims.”

“Alan:  You see it’s your karma if you came back and got murdered. It was all preordained because of how you lived a previous life and so on.  This is literally how they rationalize this insanity. That’s how they rationalize it. You know there are people who work at the United Nations who believe in this and who say that those people in the Middle East who are getting blown up chose to be there at this time. That’s how insane this all is and it’s not just at the bottom. You see, the higher up you go in a civil society, civil service and so on and bureaucracy, the more they’re into this stuff because they get taught courses in it beginning with human potential movements and then they go up, paid for by the taxpayer. People should really do their homework and look into what’s going on because it’s all around you. They give you the leaders, the shepherds to follow and people follow quite happily never questioning, never ever being cautious. No reason to be cautious really and no one is warning you to be cautious at all.

“It’s interesting that even Oprah over the many years has had various New Agers on pushing the same thing and promoting even the Course in Miracles, which anyone who heard little sayings that are pronounced sometimes would like this is a book of nice sayings, but it’s one of the biggest roller coasters into the New Age that you can imagine. It’s the whole gambit that ties it all together. One of many, mind you, but heavily promoted and you’ll find people who are actually leading the New Age and even appearing to oppose what’s happening in the world, you’ll find some of their relatives in the past helped to fund that book into existence.”


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