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Bio: Mu="12th letter of the greek alphabet" & Sic="as so written". The vibration of the word MUSIC can be seen as "12 as so written". I am a victim of mind control. I want out. I was adopted through a catholic agency, & sold into a nonconsentual, unlawful, & unethical human experimentation. I am here to post about my experiences as a ritual abuse & mind control victim. I have been unable to get any serious help so far. At this point, I just hope that someone is willing to see the truth & pray for me. That being said, if I could find an honorable & decent attorney or doctor to help me remove one of the implants ( in my head , I could possibly find a serial number, and track down who did this to me. Please see my youtube page, for videos on RFIDs, symbolism and occult curses. Thank you for reading, and do not hesitate to comment. I appreciate any positive feedback. Peace.

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  1. Please check out the work of Kerth Barker — another SRA survivor — regarding potential methods for healing.

    December 15, 2014 at 12:03 am

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